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Executive & Business Coach

Lionel Baugh

Lionel is an Executive and Business Coach. He provides individual coaching to C-level executives and teams as well as business owners. Lionel delivers work-shops, both in person and via webinar on a diverse list of subjects. These include business growth, team dynamics, mental toughness, communications effectiveness, leadership, and emotional intelligence.


Lionel started coaching our team back on 2016. At that time, the team was part of the Wells Fargo Advisors. Since then, Lionel has been a key player in helping the Team grow, establish, and maintain a clear vision and mission. He has played a vital role in keeping us on the right path to excellence in service to our customers and their needs.


Lionel has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Trinity College Dublin. Originally trained in coaching by Action Coach, he is also certified as a Red2Blue Foundation Coach by Gazing Performance Systems as well as by Genos to conduct Emotional Intelligence self-assessments. He has clients all over Latin America, the US and Europe. Lionel coaches in English and Spanish with equal effectiveness.


Lionel is British, educated in Ireland. Born in Argentina; raised in Peru, he divides his time between the US and Uruguay along with his wife Pilar. Aside from his work, Lionel enjoys sailing, kayaking, travel, & fitness.


“Everybody has excellence in them” - Lionel Baugh

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